A voucher for the care of your watch is offered free of charge within the two-year guarantee period, issued by Cenciarini Gioielleria at the time of purchase of your watch; where the following services are offered:

- cleaning of case and metal bracelet

- Checking for watertightness

- Adjustment the rate

- For quartz watches : replacement of originsl set of batteries

Extended warranty

For all NEW and SECOND Wrist watches, sold by our company, with a TOTAL of 24 months warranty.
To ensure that your clock maintains the time its market value and the optimum conditions of functionality, such as precision in the measurement of time and water resistance,

at the end of our first certificatethe following services; just to ensure the longevity 'of your VALUABLE INVESTMENT

1 Extended warranty for a period of 18 months (Partial Revision) including the replacement of all gaskets and try diving at a price of 190.00 euros for the models only time, and euro 320.00 models chronographs.

2 Extension of the total guarantee for 36 months (Total Revision) including the replacement of all gaskets and try diving, partial refurbishment of the case and bracelet, to 300.00 euros for the models only time, and EUR 430.00 for models chronographs.

Please note that not all brands of watches, they have the same feature processing, and different materials used, so the end of our warranty, which will be noted on the same document, given you when you pick your clock,

Check with you
advance together with you, at our shop Ceccarini Avenue n.81, your clock, to confirm the prices charged and agree type of guarantee most appropriate to you.